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Bumped my head on brothers bunk in the morning


It’s 3:17pm and it still hurts

took some Tylenol at 8:30am when it happened the bumped didn’t even hurt a first then hurt 4 minuets later

I’ve basically iced it all day on and off the pains not bad but annoying I took a hot shower just now and washed my hair it seemed to help immensely

Why are our scalps so pain sensitive ?

Plus I’m really horrible at tolerating any pain

Right now I’m on the couch typing this out

With a headache (unreated to the bump ) plus the bump, pain in my fingers, knees and lower back ,

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You're ok Danielle, you're ok and that's the main thing. xx :)

Thanks 😊

Girl I’m wrapping you up in bubble wrap!!!🤗

😂 might as well

I have some available. But think I need to keep it for myself....cane gives out occasionally. :)

I agree you need some bubble wrap. I bump into stuff and have bruises, cuts etc. all over my body I don’t know where they came from. Maybe we should all get together and invest in a bubble wrap factory. We could use the money we make to help people with mental illness. ❤️ Have you had your ears checked? Maybe your eyes? Balance or bad vision maybe? Im serious about that. Something causes you to hurt yourself a lot. My medicine makes me unbalanced along with my physical problems. Maybe there’s a reason for it? Probably not. Just checking. Mention it to your doc next time you go. Better safe than sorry. ❤️

Well I do have issues with balance I’m diagnosed with CP which contribute to these issues plus I’m pretty clumsy a lot😂

Cerebral Palsy? I’m really just poking fun. I know it stresses you. I’m clumsy too. I recently dove face first into my bathtub. Not fun! Talk about a bump. I had to have surgery recently and the day before I fell backwards with my butt on bottom and my legs straight up like a V with my legs and top half. The problem was I got stuck. My grandson was here and came running, cracked up and took a picture of me stuck in my tub. Except he was the only one here and I could not get out. My surgery was cancelled. I am a mess! Falling is my middle name! 😂


And Oh my gosh are you alright? That must have been some slip..😳

I’m over all of them now. Got me out of surgery though. It was a couple months ago.

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