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Friend Staying


I have had a friend visit me over the Easter holiday and it has been a complete nightmare as far as anxiety and panic attacks are concerned.

I live alone and am separated from my wife. I get on well with my wife but like the idea of having a certain amount of time to myself and personal space. I have found since my friend has come to stay that my anxiety levels have been very high and I have had panic attacks especially one last night. I have during his visit felt physically poorly. I have had a cold /flu virus. I have to work very hard to keep a lid on health anxiety generally.

I have felt trapped by my friend. Endlessly feeling like I have to entertain him and play the host. He is a really nice bloke and the problem is me rather than him. Last night I took at bed time two diazapram tablets because I felt tired and because I have got to get up early this morning for a breakfast meeting and wanted to get some sleep. If I get over tired I have trouble sleeping. I then shortly after taking the tablets had a panic attack. The panic was largely as a result of feeling that if I had a panic attack or severe anxiety that I would have nothing I could take. I managed to control the panic to a level where I did not bring it to my friend's attention and eventually got off to sleep.

He is going home today and I have got to go to a breakfast meeting shortly. I do know why the visit has affected me so badly. He has stayed before and I have experienced similar problems but not as severe as this time. I do not want him to stay again but equally do not want to offend him. Have you experienced anything like this?

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