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Is anyone able to help, I'm worried


Hi everyone, so all weekend I have been getting the feeling in my heart that it's skipping beats, it feels like a bubbling sensation it's so hard to explain but it lasts for about 3 seconds and I go all shakey and weird then I'm fine..but then I'm on edge all day incase it happens again.

I've had the feeling in my heart about 15 times today. Is this normal? Is this just my anxiety making my heart flutter? Should I be worried about going to sleep tonight?

I'm so scared... I would appreciate if anyone could let me know if they have experienced any of this

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Yes I get that and it sends me into over drive . It’s a horrible feeling .

Could be from the anxiety, could be that you have an issue with extra beats or skipping beats. I get it on occasion, and have both anxiety and PACs, which are extra beats in the upper chamber of my heart (they're harmless though).

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