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My Not so Good Introduction

hello, I’m new here, and sometimes I just wish there was a cure to anxiety like smile and “bam” it’s gone. I have been doing fine for a month and all of a sudden today I’m not sure if it’s was an anxiety or a panic attack hit me. And now I’m left unmotivated and I feel like I’m a way I victimized myself because I say I don’t want to feel like this but there’s many others that do and it’s...annoying.

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Hi there and welcome. I think you’ll find a lot of us on here had at one point a non anxiety filled existence. But, stress can come into our lives and other things happen, and then anxiety and panic are at the forefront of our minds. I at the moment have a hard time with crowded places, loud overwhelming activities, and sometimes even work can drive me to want to just go home sick. But, we have to find coping mechanisms and ways to get our mind out of a stress cycle, and I think that’s when you’ll find you have much better days.

I hope you feel better, and can direct your thinking to something else so you can get your mind off of the anxiety.


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