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Starting a job

So I haven't worked in a little more than a year and I have to start soon. Reason I quit was because of how anxiety kicked my butt and it terrifies me to start again because it's such a big commitment and even though I feel anxious here and there I have days where I feel poorly and people are the last thing I want to see.

So I want advice on how to cope with it all. First day nerves, on the job anxiousness etc. I'm not on medication and for the time being I refuse to go any.

Any advise would be lovely

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I know the feeling! My advice is to have the mindset of just being able to get through the day and give yourself credit for every hour you make it at work! I went back part time first which really helped ease me back into working. Expect to be nervous, this is normal after not working for a while. Share your diagnosis with your coworkers, it helps to have support on your side. The best thing I ever did was to go back to work, it helps me distract from my anxiety and feel more normal back in a routine. It won’t be easy but it will be a good thing for you! If you do experience a panic attack, excuse yourself if you can and find a quiet area to get through it, although for me it actually helps to be around people, brings me back to reality. Good luck and you will be fine!

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Thank you so much for replying 😊


Im starting mt new job today i know how you are feeling, try to get lost in the job.. keep busy i have fpund thar the more you put your mind into something else you dont have time to focus on the fear.. i am on meds thet help so much, but i understand not wanting them... just remember to breath and tell yourself youe stronger than the anxiety! Good luck on the job!


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