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Worrying about not panicking

Hi guys! I wanted to get some insight from you all. I’ve been reading Hope and Help for Your Nerves and I am really trying my best not to feed the “second fear”. I’ve been working on this the last couple days and it seems to be working extremely well. Here is my slight hang up....I’m a little bewildered by not having panic. I’m not complaining at all and my anxiety is not gone completely. I just find myself a little caught off guard when my days aren’t comprised of being on a constant edge of panic. Does that make sense?

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hello AbsolutDaisies, yes it makes perfect sense. When you are learning to surrender and accept the feelings and even the thoughts of anxiety, it's only natural for it to be a gradual process. When you have anxiety and especially a panic attack, you are in a hyper-vigilant state so as you calm down your mind is still sensitive to another "attack". It's called anticipatory anxiety and it's your mind and body's natural response to the fight or flight sensations of anxiety. It's the same as if you twisted your ankle, you would mentally test it repeatedly throughout the day until you could put your full weight on it and it no longer hurt and you could forget about it.

The key to recovery is to remember that it is a gradual process and it does take time and commitment and persistence. There will be setbacks but that is just part of the healing process. I thought of it as a suit of clothing. My old anxiety suit was too tight, short and very uncomfortable. My new no-anxiety suit is roomy, comfortable and perfect for every occasion. It initially felt odd, feeling comfortable and roomy, but once I had it on and wore it a little while I got use to it and now it fits me perfectly.


I totally get it. Laugh it off...........honestly...........what else can we do...........???


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