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Could trigger health symptoms

Hey all-

So now I have calmed myself down from panicking about my health I have concluded that symptom I’m having( lower left pelvic pain) needs medical attention. I have also been having the chills off and on😔

Please say some prayers for me today- I go to gyno at 2:15 and this is a huge trigger f r me plus feeling lousy. In the background of all of this, my little ones bday is this weekend.

I just hope and pray nothing serious

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Good luck, beachy! Hope everything turns out ok - let us know how you got on. xxxx


Thank you so

Much...I go thru the visit but now I have to get an ultrasound tomorrow another stressful

Event for me. I just want to get better and be a normal

Person that can go to the doctors don’t put it off for years

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