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I've been on Lexapro for about a week now and it made me feel good in the beginning but now I notice I've been really fatigue, no appetite. no sex drive. I don't like how I feel while on it especially if I'm at work, I can't work because of being so tired. And My doctor recommended I take in the morning , instead of night because it causes insomnia. I'm thinking about switching. What I do instead for an alternative is keeping my mind occupied while conversing with someone else.. hope that helps others as its kind of helping me when I'm not taking Lexapro

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Hi KatieSimmons, one week is no where near enough time to see if Lexapro will be a good med for you. It's takes every bit of 4-6 weeks to reach full efficacy. (longer if dosage is upped) Any SSRI that you would be put on would take the same amount of time before seeing positive results.

Each one of us responds differently to medications. I've been fortunate enough that after many trial and error drugs were tried, I ended up on Lexapro which has been a god send for me. Do not feel tired, more energic, positive motivation and seeing life more clearly.

Talk with your doctor regarding the symptoms you are having. He best knows what will help you according to your health history.

I have been on my med for 5 years now. I take it with my lunch every day. Taking it with food helps it absorb in the system better and more evenly. Wish you well. xx


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