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just so tired of living this way

I am so tired of having anxiety about EVERYTHING. If my job is going go I begin to fret that I will get fired, if my family is doing well I begin to fret that they wont. I cant stop imagining all the terrible things that COULD happen, and if I cant control the situation I just keep worrying, till I cant breathe, in tears and am sick. I am on meds, they don't help. The only meds that help are Xanax and that is far too addictive to take, and after while it quits working anyway. You have to take more and more and more. I am to the point I just don't want to live this way anymore. I cannot enjoy anything. I honestly don't know what to do. No one has an answer, they tell me do a different med, keep busy, just chill, but that like telling me to stop breathing.

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Hi,I’m sure lots of us on here get like it that’s why we are here try putting headphones on and zone out to some calming music for awhile give your mind a rest you just need to slow it down .

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What if I told you that there was an answer that didn't involve medication, keeping busy or chilling? It's true that meds may help for a while but then they stop working. Xanax is the Big Daddy of benzos but can be addicting. So you need to find other options out there that will help you get back in control. Having Control of our lives as well as our family brings nothing but constant stress each day. What if this, what if that....No one can have control of the "what ifs" so why waste our energy in worrying about something we have no control over? Control is a powerful word, why not change that to Accept. Accepting the things that happen in life that we cannot change, the courage to change the things we can and the wisdom to know the difference. Any other way just stresses us.

I was like you at one time. Step by step, I started to rid myself of all negativity. It wasn't easy after living year after year worrying about everything. Changing my way of thinking was the first step. Finding alternates in reducing my stress level. Trying all the different modalities that are out there and finding the one that fit me the best. I got rid of my benzos and turned to myself in knowing I had the key to rid myself of anxiety. It wasn't in a pill or listening to other people's advice. I was the one responsible for my own life and what would work for me.

As for myself, I learned everything I could about the disorder. From the causes to the symptoms to ridding myself of this overpowering mental illness. For me I use positive reinforcement, meditation, deep breathing, self hypnosis, imagery and visualization daily. Living with anxiety doesn't have to be a full time job but it must be practiced daily in order to build up a reserve should life throw us a curve ball. We will not crumble, we will not fail ourselves. We will stay strong in a crisis because we have confidence in ourselves in knowing what to do. Anxiety has now left me and yet I continue practicing. We are predisposed to a heightened nervous system and it is up to us to not allow it to get out of control.

So my friend, it's not that no one has the answer, it's that we do. Each and everyone of us. I wish you well. Giving up is never an option. Staying stuck is not either. Going forward no matter how slow will still get you to your goal. Good Luck xx

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