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A couple of weeks with anxiety symptoms

So I’ve gone through a couple of periods in my life where stress took me down and I was vulnerable to anxiety, panic attacks and anxiety symptoms without the attacks such as: eye tricks(seeing things in corner of vision, items look they sway or move slightly), tingling, aches, dizziness and of course short of breath. But my question is, will this all go down once my body is stress-free? I’ve been feeling a little better recently. But I guess like anyone else, I like reassurance even when I know what I’m aware of what I’m going through. The eye tricks was new for me.

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Yes Robby36, those symptoms will not only go down but can disappear. Once your body is not on edge all the time, the adrenaline levels go down and with it the symptoms. If the eye tricks are new to you, an appointment with an eye doctor can alleviate your worry with one visit. When we focus on our symptoms they tend to grow. Once you can be assured that anxiety is the cause of what you are experiencing, it should help make it easier to accept it as non life threatening. With that thought alone, your stress level will go down drastically. Using meditation and deep breathing can help keep you on an even keel if a symptom should pop up unexpectedly.

Getting to a stress free point can be difficult because life isn't stress free but....learning how to accept the stressors in our lives w/o allowing them to take over is what we need to work on. Life is Good but it's even better when you are back in control. :)


Thank you very much!! I really appreciate your words and I seriously love this forum because everyone seems to be so engaging and helpful. I think by the end of this coming week, I should be good. I went through three terrible months years ago because my thyroid levels were low due to a creative I was taking and a great amount of 5 hours, which probably did not help. If I was able to get through that, I can definitely get through this little situation. Thank you again :)


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