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Has anyone had problems with cold ice feeling the the chest? And been booked in for c.t scan due to headaches for 3 months. Anxiety bad 2day

Have had bloods done and heart trace e.c.g done due to hypertension episode but all came back fine. Doc said to have a c.t scan to set my mind at ease but also that it could fuel my anxiety because if something shows up that has maybe always been there but never has or will do anything it could panick me more but he can not see my headaches going away as I always think it is something serious! Bad day for me 😢

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Hello Mum, I have had the feeling in my chest like swallowing ice-cold water. Also on the odd occasion it was warm, like swallowing whisky. I got "anxiety" after giving up smoking. When the withdrawal symptoms went I was left with a variety of other effects inc panic attacks and had to go back on the cigs.


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