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Decent Day

After one of the Most HORRIBLE days I've had in a long time. Today I was suppose to deal with something else that was going to create anxeity, decided to put off dealing with it till Thursday. My body can't take it, it's still recovering from yesterday. I'm feeling the aftermath, I'm still feeling some anxeity. Eating better, scary when I can't. God Bless everyone who's suffering.

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Aww. Hope you're ok. Feeling for you. We are all in the same boat sometimes.

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I’ve had a pretty bad day today. First one in awhile. Seems like it comes out of the blue and creeps up on me. I start over thinking everything that’s wrong in my life, and it spirals from there.

It’s good that you took a break from dealing with stressful stuff today. I know how weak bad days can leave us. If you want to talk about it I’ll be around.

When my anxiety is bad I have a hard time eating as well. I lost a lot of weight at the beginning of this spiral I’ve been on. I’ve always been small, just over 100 lbs, so when I lose I look anorexic.

I hope you can get some sleep tonight, and feel better tomorrow.

Take Care..


I am the opposite, put on weight!!


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