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First panic attack this year

I was home tonight on my own and started feeling weird tingling through my arms and legs then I felt like I was going to pass out, felt like I couldn't breathe properly and then I got the shivers really bad I was so cold it was aweful along with emoendung doom feeling like I was going to die. My god it's horrible and since I haven't had one since October last year I had forgotten what one was so I freaked out a hit but then I just closed my eyes and road through it. It last about 30-40minutes and then I felt good again. Why after so long without one did it come back so bad? I can't work out the trigger either as I was watching Television.

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You did the right thing and rode it out. Excess adrenaline gets excreted sometimes with a ‘logical’ reason.

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Thank you it was awful but I got through it.


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