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Not again😧

Found my self up by 2am with my vision slightly blurry followed by headache pain,daunting thoughts and thought to myself "not this again" but I remembered how coming here calms me and I did just that and went through a few posts and felt a sense calmness. See i consider this blog my second home when I feel disorientated. I'll be giving birth a few days from now and I honestly don't need anxiety being part of my experience of being a first time mom so honestly I'm not going to give anxiety any of my attention😊

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How nice that is that you consider the forum your second home, your "go to". The people on this forum are so supportive and caring, that it is a good feeling just to know someone is there and you are not alone. How wonderful in that you will be welcoming a new baby in a few days. I wish you well. There are many new mothers on the forum who can be your support system.

Right now, work on bringing that headache down by relaxing and deep breathing to some calming music or meditation on YouTube. Deep Breathing can help with your pain level as well as reduce your anxiety. You will be okay. You are Safe. Feel better marsh. Goodnight xx

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Thanks Angora 😘😘

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