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Worried after CT scan

Hello everyone

A couple of days back I had myself a head CT scan due to on-going headaches. I was due an MRI but I'd convinced myself that I needed it seen to now, so took myself to A&E.

During my CT scan I felt very weird. I know that you're not even supposed to 'feel' radiation, but I felt as though I could.

Anyway, the results came back and everything was clear. I should have felt so relieved, but somehow I did not. That evening I fell straight to sleep as soon as I was home.

The morning after I felt slightly dizzy. I rubbed my head and found that a few eyebrow hairs had come out. I kept doing this and about 20 came out in total! Quite a few strands on my head also came out.

The next day I've noticed my skin feeling tight around my forehead, tip of my nose and lips. My right eye feels very strained and blurry, and I appear to feel as though I've lost my sense of taste somewhat..

I'm so scared that they've given me a massive dose by mistake. It's all I can think about. That I've effectively gone and killed myself due to my anxiety and inability to wait for the MRI.

I'm so scared. I'm a mess and don't know how to cope :(

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Anxiety can cause your hair to fall out. I have had this and thought I had cancer. I soon learned that I was that full of anxiety that it took its toll. You need to relax and focus on something else. Train yourself to shift your thoughts. Stay strong X

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