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Extreme anxiety since Saturday

I was out with my family for lunch Saturday, it was loud and crowded and I ended up having an anxiety attack and ever since then I’ve had so much anxiety and feel it in my chest.

It is driving me crazy. Yesterday was a better day but I feel like it’s only because I took an Ativan in the morning.

I just feel like crying because I can’t deal with this. I don’t want my anxiety to become severe, I don’t want to be on medication.

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Hi Ashley228, Noises, lights, crowds produce an overabundance of excitement to our already over sensitized nervous system. As we fear what we are experiencing, it goes into an anxiety attack. What you have been feeling since is a free floating anxiety. A little bit of a residue of anxiousness still there. What would help is using some meditation/deepbreathing and quiet time on YouTube. Check out an Audio video that you can listen to and follow along. I prefer it to just music. The next time you might be in a restaurant, using deep breathing throughout that time will reduce if not completely block the adrenaline building up.

You may not need meds if you put these methods into practice on a daily basis. xx

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Thank you! This is helpful and made me feel better!

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I'm glad it did Ashley, but I thought of another thing that use to help me.

When going into a crowded restaurant I would never want to be seated at the

tables in the center of the room but at a table against a wall. That seem to give

me some security to make that a safe place. If that wasn't available, I would ask

for a booth and go in first so that I was in the corner of the booth.

There's always little tricks we can use. :) xx

P.S. this isn't forever, once your anxiety is under control, you will be able to

sit anywhere or go anywhere w/o a problem. :)

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