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Doesn’t ever get better

It really feels like no matter how hard I try nothing ever gets better. I work really hard towards my anxieties and how to combat them on a daily basis, and it has been working. I constantly work on myself and improve on things I can control and everything around me feels like it’s crumbling apart. I feel trapped in my own circumstances and things that are out of my control are dictating my life. I’ve had so much bad luck this year and family problems and bad luck its constantly bringing me down. I don’t even feel real sometimes, time is just morphing together and I can’t tell one day from another anymore. No matter how positive I am or how good I am at combat any negative experience in my life nothing seems to get better, and moving forward with anything seems impossible.

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Hmmm....sounds rough. I can tell you one thing for sure. With all your bad experiences things seem they can only get better! If this is your life now and you're unhappy, you have the rest of your life to become happy and it will get better. Enough is enough with anxiety. How long can we let it beat us down and hinder our natural spirits and personalities? It's like a bad relationship. Eventually one person realizes the other is toxic and moves on to happier days. So, break up with your thoughts and experiences. Don't look back at them and keep being the positive, happy person you are deep down. You're not alone in this. We all got your back.


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