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ring measurement tool gave me allergy

So I went to Walmart to find out my exact ring size today :)

I got the tool placed on my finger got my size :) I’m a size 4! Lol

Then took the tool off when I took the took of my finger had a red ring like rash on it.

It went away

But now my hand feels kind of itchy

I think I might be allergic to whatever metal the tool was

The same thing happens if it’s like fake jewelry

The type that turns your finger green?

It’s really uncomfortable


Does anyone else get that type of reaction

It’s quite interesting but very weird.

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Hi Danielle, many of us are allergic to certain metals especially with earrings. Probably the metal ring you tried on for size was one of those metals. As long as the rash on your finger went away, I would put some good hand lotion on your hands and rub that onto each finger. Sometimes our skin gets dry and can cause the itching sensation as well. Make sure you are hydrating.

It's nothing serious just annoying. Feel better :) xx



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Ya, believe most are allergic to nickle. A coat of clear nail polish on the metal that touches your skin helps. Give your hands a food wash & it should help.


Gee I'm learning today...clear nail polish on the metal that touches your skin. So that would be great for any pendants as well. Thank melbrown :) Enjoy your Saturday xx


Thanks for the tip! :)

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