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Hi guys , havnt posted in awhile . Had a shakey few month and my anxiety is so bad now. My best friend was diagnosed with cancer just before xmas. It was a massive shock and we were all utterly heartbroken. She is only 35 with a young family. I hadnt been sleeping well , having panic attacks ect. New year I tried to get a grip of things , started a exercise class twice a week, trying eat healthier ect. But this last 2 weeks have been worse than ever, were all sick at the moment including the kids.

Im lieing in bed now with dd2 watching a movie, I feel awful, so much tension in my neck, I feel like my bodie is paralysised with tention. Im so so tierd , pressure on my head, heat flashes ect. I feel so emtional today, idont know how to get myself out of this. Ive zero energy. My kitchen /living room is a mess, their is a piles & piles of ironing to be done and put away but ive no energy to do it. Sorry for the long winded post need to get it out.

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Apologise for the typos im too tierd to even correct them.


Hi you have had a lot to take in and when we have anxiety everything feels worse.I know what you mean by Tension in the neck ! I seam to carry tension in my neck/shoulders and my back feels stiff.like everything is knotted up.I to get the fatigue i sometimes get it when I'm not even feeling anxious .but I find it always happens after I've had a stressful or wording time.I'm so sorry your friend has had bad news this has probably added to your tension.


Worrying time that should say ,


Thanks for your reply. Im so worried about her, she was so upset for month and I struggled badly with this.

I want be able to feel ok and live my life instead of trying to get out of things, like days out , travel ect. We have a trip to london in 2 weeks and Im dreading it, I dont know how ill come with all the traffic & noise. It wasnt my idea to go but I just went along with it , instead of saying no!


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