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Work anxiety

I have trouble confronting people and that's when my anxiety peaks. I have been sharing an office with another woman for about 6 months. Recently, we were informed that we would be getting our own offices. One of the offices has a huge window and is bigger. The smaller office has a very small window. I was happy not causing waves and taking the smaller office and I told her that. But my friends at work and supervisors insisted that I take the bigger office because of the work that I do. When my supervisor told my coworker that I would be taking the bigger office, my heart started racing and I felt my arms and legs shaking. She said she was fine with it. I doubt she was. But I closed the door, asked her if she was really ok, and she said she was. I doubt it. Now I'm still having anxiety about the whole thing. I don't know how to deal with this situation. Does anyone else have any suggestions? Has anyone else been in a similar situation?

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You confronted your fear now let it go. I think anxiety definitely can have a physical response. It sounds to me that you handled this situation well if you stop now. Unless you hear otherwise, let the situation go it has been handled. Every time you try to think about it remind yourself that you handled it and not just handled it but did a good job at dealing with it. If these types of thoughts keep happening maybe think about finding a counselor that can help to reassure you. As a person who spent their entire live avoiding getting counseling for anxiety. Do not let this happen to you. It just st gets worse.


Thank you, I appreciate you responding to my post. I told her a month ago she could have the bigger office so that's how long she's been planning on being in there. So this all came up yesterday. That's why it's giving me anxiety. I still have to share an office with her until she moves out. Let's see how that goes. But I understand what you're saying and I will try to let it go. Thanks again for your advice and your post.

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Your welcome. I find that I worry too much about what others are thinking, which we never know unless they say it. But I understand how you are feeling, you want a pleasant peaceful work environment. But uncomfortable situations will occur sometimes, we handle them and keep going. All we can do


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