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Med free anxiety?

Hello I am new to this. I have been suffering from severe panic and anxiety attacks since I was 27. At 1st I thought I was dying, like I was having a heart attack. Through the years I have been on several different medications. They are just a temporary fix with a lot of side effects. I am now 46 and my attacks are the same if not worse depending on the stress levels in my life.

Does anyone know how to at least control these attacks without medications?

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Wow to atleast know you are at the age you are and you went through this since you were 27 it does let others know that you will make it. Im going into year three of dealing with it myself. And so far i had only taken medication once for 45 days and quit and never took anymore. Although i was tempted to try a few times but I resisted and for now I choose to see a counselor once a month though. But to answer your question, I can truly say one sure thing is to distract yourslef. Yes it may be temprary in how you choose to distract yourslef but once you see that it actually works then just keep it up as much as possible. Like right now, my anxiety has been back on me again for the last week or two especially at night and when I'm trying to go to sleep. So I'll do some work for my business, get on my laptop, edit some videos and then before I know it times has passed and Im still here.

Call someone you dont mind talking too

Watch a movie you know you like

If you pray, please do

Play a game

But I can say I would rather continue to push through this without meds.

I wish you the best....


Thank you for responding. I must say that these past few weeks my attacks have gotten worse. I’m experiencing things I haven’t before

I did go see my my dr but of course they wanna push meds!!!

I wish you the best as well

Thanks for your suggestions

I am definitely going use them!


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