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Hi I am new here and i'm also confused if I have anxiety or not I mean when Im at school I feel these weird butterflies in my stomach all the time. If I see somebody new who tries to talk to me I feel a stomach knot or for some reason when I feel insecure in school I kinda want to start crying. And I have a mom I love my mom and all but sometimes I feel like she doesn't understand my emotions and what I go through I sometimes push myself out of my comfort zone but i always end up worse before i even started. I doubt myself a lot too and that distracts me a lot. And I tried telling my mother about the symptoms I have but she was like "you want to be in a hospital stop trusting the internet" and she may be true I am just confused any tips or comments are helpful thanks.

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Hello, I think what you're describing sounds like me when I was alot younger. For me, im sure it was extreme social anxiety. I feared seeming unintelligent or less than or different. I wouldn't even order my own meal at restaraunts I would hurry and tell my mom what I wanted before the waitress came to the table. It took a long time for that to go away but really putting myself out there and realizing that I was smart and likeable and could be funny and wasnt less than and that it's important to be different and not just blend in with everyone any way that's when I came out of my shell. If you see a doctor regularly, which you should, then it wouldnt hurt to mention that you think you may have anxiety. It's better to tell our docs everything they may have help for you and just talking about it may help you. If you do have anxiety there are coping skills you can learn and meds out there for people who need them. Good luck though. ☺


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