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Help! Antidepressant question

So I’ve been on paxil5 mg for some time now and it’s not really working anymore.ive had trouble tolerating bigger doses before so the Doctor wants me to go up to 10mg but alternate with the 5 mg so one day I take 5 then the next 10 . My question is will my body get used to this or will doing it this way cause me problems since the dose is increasing and decreasing daily

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Hello, I think it's different for each person although I've never really had any terrible side effects. In the end I believe the decision is entirely up to you and I recommend you explain your concerns with your doctor. There is also the option of switching to another similar medication that will hopefully help you feel better with little to no side effects. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you and everyone else should advocate for yourselves, even if it means a second opinion. Good luck and let me know how it goes!


I think the 5 one day and 10 mg the next (and then 5 ... 10) works well for some people.

I took Paxil before and it stopped working. There are other meds in the same family that may work of this plan does not. Good luck.

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