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Does this sound like anxiety

Right so before was sat on the bus and suddenly again got random chest pressure it was so intenese and lasted only for about a minute and then I started to sweat bad but I think might of been cuz I was anxious or maybe its my heart :( I'm sick of these pains every single day of my life I can't do nothing anymore doctors say it can come on for no reason at all I get it during exercise and sat down I hardly get it at my girlfriends but when I do its when I'm moving around like walking or standing up 😯im sick of it!!!

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Sounds like it could be anxiety but dont completely rule everything else out, if it is maybe have a think about what could be bringing it on. Top tip for panic attacks, try counting to 20 but out of order, like 1, 7, 13, 3, 19, 5, 20, 12 etc... apparently the brain cant panic and do this at the same time. Hope this helps and know ur not alone.

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Well I thought it could be my heart but had loads if ecgs and holter monitor and echo but weren't having pains at the same time but an again I had chest pain at hospital about 4minths ago and I was there overnight and they have this clicker thing and when I got the pain they come over with a ECG and it was normal but the pains left when I had the ECG its weird


As you can probably see from this forum, anxiety can cause loads of crazy symptoms. I once got rushed into A and E in agony with a kidney infection, yet they found no sign of infection, and put the pain down to stress. Either way, whether anxiety or not is suggest the following:

Always take someone with you to the doctors (if theres no one to go with you most surgeries offer impartial chaperones but a friend i think would be better). Its always good to have someone to support you and back you up, you can discuss together what the doctor said. I always find the doctors treat you different when you go with someone.

I would suggest keeping a doctor diary, write down what happened at the appointment, what actions are being taken, how you feel and if theres anything you forgot to mention or need clarification. Get the person you go with to sign your diary and agree thats what was said in the appointment. Doctors have lots of patients a day so theyre not going to remember whats going on with every patient.

If you suspect it is anxiety maybe try and find what it is causing it, maybe practice a bit of self care, give yourself a bit of pampering, and treat yourself like u would treat a friend. Im sure theres lots of tips for this online if u google it.

Hope this helps

And good luck

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