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A bit weird & real tired

Woke up real tired today. Felt a bit weird last night but today I had to do a shop online as too tired to go to shops as normally do. Too tired to play toys on the floor with my boy really. Surely I should be able to relax rest and do very little on occasions. I just feel guilty if I do stop for a rest. I know I shouldn't. Anyone else feel like this sometimes? Gotta peel myself up of the floor now to go pick up from school. So comfy in front of the fire x

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I must add I had a deep tissue massage last Sunday. Never had one before. OMG it was amazing. However the therapist said I should rest for a couple of days as I will ache a bit. But who gets to rest! I had work the next 3 days and get t g e kids to school etc etc. Come Thursday I began to flag and now it's Friday and Saturday and am exhausted. My body is very achy all over and my eyes are really tired. I am just resting as much as possible so I start to feel better hopefully. I am hoping it's not the start of anxiety or depression but toxins leaving my body from the massage.....


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