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Cant trust a doctor

A few days ago I went to see my doctor about my headaches. Actually I have spoken to 3 doctors now.

I can not seem to listen and accept what they're saying.

How do I just accept a doctor saying I don't have symptoms of a brain tumour? I have a lot of symptoms including headaches that come and go! I can even feel my head most of the time in some way at least.

Theres sooo many symptoms of a brain tumour and anyone could have it even with no symptoms. And since I at least have a headache that wont leave, it should increase the risks of me having one...?

But no, when I asked my doctor after the appointment why she wouldn't recommend a scan she just looked at me like huh? So I just thought ok I wont force it.

On my way to see another doctor now before my therapy...

Any tips on what I should do?? Can you get misdiagnosed by 3 doctors that says no you don't have the symptoms?? Should I just accept it? We have really good doctors here in Sweden so i don't see why they would misdiagnose but still.. brain tumour could give alot of symptoms.

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It’s very easy to believe you have something wrong with you when these symptoms happening, but you should trust your doctor as you most likely do not have a brain tumour, it’s just your mind telling you that you have one. It all comes down to anxiety, so I shouldn’t worry. Try and tell yourself that you don’t have one and that you’ll be okay. You should feel better by repeating that to yourself.

Take care. ✨

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