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Hi my name is Alexis. I suffer with anxiety disorder on a daily bases. I need some support tell me I'm not alone 😧

My anxiety Is more about my heart I feel like its going to fast or that I am going to die all the time... My mind races daily. I'm constantly fatigued but blood test and multiple heart tests have came back FINE. MY moms mom was diagnosed with skitzophrena from drugs and I have always been obsessed with it and fear that I'm becoming that Way :''( . I am about to start on medication to help my panic and anxcity. But scared to try it but I have been struggling for for too many years now! I'm 19 years old! I have had a very rough up bringing. And a hospital visit months after I had my baby with 190 heart rate due to infection. And now I have a fear there is something wrong!! But been confirmed that there isn't 😵😵😵😵😵😴😴😴😥😥😥

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You are not alone Blueeyed. We are here for you

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You did the right thing to have those blood tests, Blueeyed, and it's good that they came back as fine. The fact that your grandmother became schizophrenic after taking drugs doesn't mean you will develop this, it doesn't follow at all.

You've clearly had a lot of stress in your life and you say you've been prescribed medication for panic attacks and anxiety. They will bring you a period of respite which you should take advantage of. Anxiety about taking anti-anxiety meds is just another symptom of anxiety!

It's been confirmed that there's nothing physically wrong with you and you should accept that diagnosis. Doctors have to go to medical school for 5 yesrs so they know what they're talking about.

Fatigue and obsessing about dying all the time are well known symptoms of anxiety disorder. When our nerves become over sensitised by too much stress and worry it makes every problem we have look ten times worse. So the natural concern everybody has not to die young becomes exaggerated into a feeling that death is imminent and I think that is what has happened to you.

Blueeyed, your heart is fine, you're not going to die, believe me. All your symptoms are the result of anxiety because of your stressful life. The medication you have been given will bring you relief from the bad feelings. So I recommend you take the meds and when you're feeling a lot better think about how you can improve your life for the benefit of you and your baby.

Maybe think about asking your doctor for some talking therapy or read a good self help book that will help you recover as you probably won't want to be on meds for life.

You're going through a bad patch. Blueeyed, but things will get better, all troubles pass in time.


Hi Alexis aka Blueeyed , I had anxiety and depression all my life -- bad childhood also--but was still surprised when 2 years ago i became dizzy with other physical symptoms like sound in my head and sometimes nausea . I also had multiple blood tests and everything came out normal so i finally believed it was anxiety, as my psychiatrist said. You might have to try different meds or med combinations, but go ahead and try , to see what works. Also maybe a support group might help? I hope you have friends you can talk to. I pray daily for everyone here, so know that you're not alone in this. Blessings



It's a hard thing to cope with but you can control it.

Chat with people on here as often as you can as they can give very good advice.

I hope that we can help you.


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