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Can Marijuana worsen my mental health?

Hello everybody! :) I've recently started smoking weed occasionally but I'm quite worried incase I develop schizophrenia. (I'm a worret, please don't judge me haha) I suffer from bi polar disorder, anxiety and depression but whilst smoking it it seems to lift my spirits and make me happy! I would just like to know how much would I have to smoke to develop something as severe as this? Will I have to cut down? Im on anti depressants and im 19 years old. I only smoked weed a small amount when I was younger x

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I've read reports in newspapers over the years that marijuana causes mental disorders eventually to everybody who uses it. Some sooner, some later. All the people I've known who used it regularly, such as my grandson who is now in prison, experienced mental disorder. Several people on this furum have said that their anxiety disorder started shortly after first taking marijuana.

The old herbal cannabis was bad enough. Then came the concentrated version skunk, even worse. Then came the artificial version spice, lethal. My grandson came across two other prisoners recently who were down on all fours barking like dogs after taking spice. One died.

The answer to your question is it all depends on who you want to believe and nobody has worked out a safe level for cannabis and it's later forms.

I say it messes with your head and if your head is already messed up it's the last thing you need.

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Weed is a time bomb, especially for people who already have or are predisposed to mental illness. Im fairly certain it caused my derealization which I've now had for 5 years. I seriously would not smoke if I were you. I know its fun but trust me when I say its not worth it


I think the synthetic cannabis causes the problem.

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I've seen many studies on the effects of cannabis and one of the main things they mention is that cannabis use in people who are already predisposed to mental health problems is very risky as it can make the symptoms worse over time. I'm sure that's not suggesting you're going to develop schizophrenia overnight but in the long term I would weigh up the risk against your benefits and consider another form of relief. I believe it's the THC content in the strain that is the culprit, synthetic forms or skunk are especially bad for that. I think that's why things like cbd oil are used medicinally as they have litttle to no thc, maybe you could look into that if you're set on using cannabis?


Each person is different however think carefully about what may happens rather than for the second, you don’t want your mental health to deteriorate. I wouldn’t recommend you using cannabis however if you feel like it’s helping you then carry on with this as no one can make the decision for you however it does have links to a increase of mental health disorders and I personally would not turn to this to help me. Many people I know claim it helped them at the time but as they stopped using it less claimed that it affected them, never regret anything you done just be certain that it’s the right choice x

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