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Acid reflux?

For the past two days I have been experiencing a feeling which feels like trapped wind in my chest/throat.

It feels like a burping sensation but no burp, so it just feels like there is air left on my chest and throat.

Is this acid reflux has i did feel a bit of heart burn the past few days or is it another symptom of anxiety?

Any advice is really appreciated x

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Omg I got the exact same feeling in my chest. It like the air keeps getting stuck in my chest and throat and my chest burn. It feel like heartburn but it stops when I exercise or get more rest.

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Yeah it’s a horrible feeling isn’t it. It seems to get worse when I lie down.


My doctor prescribed me ranitidine for the acid reflux it's a good medication with little to no side effects. My father takes it as well

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Thank you I’ll speak to my dr if it doesn’t pass soon!


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