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Blood pressure machine

Hi all, I have checked my BP twice a day and is it possible if it is too tight it can the nerves in your arm and finger hurt? that's what it feels like, obviously my anxiety is running away with it and thinking it must be related to my heart (left arm) but I am trying to rationalise it. I did check it this morning and my BP was 120/75 with a HR of 75. Pretty good numbers I think but you lot were right, it isn't helping my anxiety, it isn't making it any worse but doesn't seem to be helping it. Sitting at work all day long with chest pains that don't seem to be going anywhere!!!! Any ideas???

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Hello :-)

Why are you checking your own BP ?

Unless your Doctor has asked you to this is not going to go down well with someone that suffers with anxiety

Of course your readings will go up and down all day long everyone's does all depending what we are doing if we feel anxious and so on and that is why normally you go to the Doctors when they request we do and let them take it !

I have high BP and take meds , when the Doctor first takes it it usually is high because I am stressed knowing what she is doing and worrying will it be high , she leaves it chats with me and then takes it again and it usually is back to normal

My advise would be unless your Doctor has told you to get a BP machine and take your BP then throw it the bin and let your Doctor be the judge of your readings and if they say everything is fine trust them as they know best :-)

Take Care x

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Thanks for your reply. I have had countless ecg's but I live with chest/arm/jaw pain all day long and I just cant deal with it anymore so I thought this would help. Everytime I take the reading it is pretty much perfect but it still doesn't make me feel any better. I have felt like this for about 2 weeks now and everyday I wake up and straight away think of my heart, and its viscious cycle that I want out of!!!!


Get rid of the BP machine, you don't need to check yourself everyday, your fuelling the fear you already have xx


I am experiencing the same thing you are. Chest pain, shoulder back jaw pain. All unexplained. I went to the er 4 times last year bc of it and once already this year. I’ve had countless test and all came back normal. I just want answers for this pain that’s all bc it’s driving me crazy. I take my blood pressure not every day but when i feel something weird. But i don’t thing it really helps me but it’s like a security blanket. If it’s good I’m good, if it’s high or low i panic.


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