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Upset stomach from cream cheese ?!

Happened yesterday morning I ate some pancakes with cream cheese two hours after my stomach felt upset gurgling, a bit of pain,no throw up a fullness & burning feeling,

and today I’m still feeling the same

This has happened before but never with cream cheese..or pancakes

What’s can I do

Would I need to go the doctor?

Anyboady else went through this?

With there favorite foods?

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Usually, in the case of food poisoning, it takes around 8 hours for our bodies to react negatively. For food allergy however, it usually happens a lot more quickly. I do know that the flu has hit us like a hurricane so, maybe you have the flu? If you're still not feeling well, you might want to check in with your doctor. I know it's scary but you're not dying. Your body is protecting you by saying, "Ugh, I hate this!" Just thank your little tum tum.


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