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Someone close to me has tried to hurt herself. She's lost a lot of her blood and is in a coma. I've been having panic attacks lately because I'm upset. I'm scared that she won't wake up. 😩😖😞

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Your worry and panic is a very human and healthy reaction. We’ld all be worried about you if you didn’t feel as you do


Hey hun. I can not understand the pain you must be going through but there is nothing you can do to change what your friend is going through. I know that sounds mean but its the truth. Some things that happen in life can not be controlled. I hope your friend gets better. Don't focus on it too much. You are going to be fine. Your friend is fine right now. Just focus on that. There is a chance she will be fine. Just focus on those positive things. I know I have talked to you all ready but I just want to let you know that eventually you will feel better. Stay strong. Keep hoping and if possible visit your friend and family. Maybe that will give you confort. I'm sorry your going through this. I wish and hope that your friend gets better. Stay strong and be patient. Were all here for you if you need confort❤. Just know that your not the only one going through this and that the sun will always come in the morning. If you need to talk hmu, other then that just try to be strong.


Hi Please stay strong! I hope that your friend gets better.

Try to take a breath. Maybe you can visit her?

We’re always here for support 💕

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thank you

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