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Scared of having a seizure

Hi as you know I have very bad health anxiety and tons of symptoms. Today in class I heard someone behind me talking about this guy. He said this guy was fine talking to everyone then out of nowhere had a seiszure and sent to hospital. Then for that whole class I had a panick attack, got so dizzy and sweaty, couldn't stay still,face went all red it was so hard can't live with these panick attacks :( it's so scary that u can just get a seizure out of nowhere now I'm scared of that help!!

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Please try and think that sudden seizures are far and few between. Plus you don't know the medical history or if the story has changed slightly(abit like Chinese whispers). I know it's worrying and often the fear takes over any rational thoughts...thats why it's scary!!. Next time you have an anxiety attack try some deep breathing, whilst doing this try and rationalise that you aren't going to have a seizure you are panicking yes but you are going to be alright. These thoughts are actually normal when it comes to anxiety and depression and altho stressful...the chances of you having a seizure are slim if you don't suffer with anything to cause them. Some meds can cause them but you will have been warmed hopefully and if not...check in with the doctor if you are worried...bearing in mind it's a small percentage of ppl who it happens to. I'm sorry this happened to you and you've been fretting. Take care. Janie


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