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We WILL do this! We CAN do this!

Good morning, afternoon, evening lovelies, 5am here and the start of a new day...yeah ok it's Monday but I'm in a forgiving mood so I shall start the day with a smile. It's only a quick message to let you know I've got you and if you need a shoulder....give me a nudge, holler(I am blonde so it may take a little time for me to realise exactly what you are doing 😉🤣)...no offense to any other blondies out there btw, just my little joke...im often treat like I don't have a brain, then I introduce myself....the look usually says it all. I do have slap myself on my forehead days, as i age...the more i have(am I hitting a few nerves here? Lol). Age is a funny old thing isn't it?. We can't stop it, we can of course have our faces injected so no-one can tell if we are upset, angry, laughing....need I go on?. Brilliant. Dead giveaway of course is the eyebrows that look like they are escaping to the top of the forehead, one a metre higher than the other(yep I said metre lol). We are told that beauty is in the eye of the beholder...i wonder if the husbands of the Real Housewives franchise know this....cough and MEOOOOW!!. oooooo listen to me, I guess if it makes one happy who am I to knock it....even in jest, well I did and I'm not taking it back..so there lolololol. I am also aware I'm babbling about 'nothing' really...ive had a night where lulu didn't sleep a wink, would try to doze and then I'd hear her sobbing. A comforting arm around her as she tries to settle again worked a little...not much so I decided to tell her some stories from my youth(I will spare you don't worry), by the time I had finished, yes she did giggle through some of it...i looked and she was asleep....and it was time for me to get up for my day so no sleep for Janie today, as long as lulu gets the rest she needs...i shall use a ton of concealer to rid my baggy bags and dark circles. This post is about nothing really...im just waffling. I just want you all to know I'm here if you need me, I've taken a few weeks off work to concentrate on lulu. Yes it would be very easy for me to get another psych to deal with her but I know her....i read her and she needs me right now so there we are ...ill be driving you mad by the end of the few weeks lol. Thinking about you all.....

Janie 💋 xxx

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I love your posts. I’m just getting ready for bed. I hope things go well for LuLu. You couldn’t drive me mad. I’ve already been there! Just remember we’re here for you too!

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Means the world to me thankyou...we all need a shoulder sometimes don't we? I'm no different. Goodnight lovely. If you can't sleep..ill be here xx

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