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Is coffee the culprit?

I noticed when i work (hgv driver) i feel fine. Since the start of the Xmas break ive not been fine - been getting loads of skipped beats and hardly sleeping. When i work i dont have the facilities to have a brew so i go without, whilst when not in work i have two or three strong coffees. Even though these cuppas are decaf ive decided to quit any type of brew and see how i feel. Day one was today and no heart palpitations. Does anybody else have experiences similar to this?

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Caffeine gives palpitation that's why I quit anything that has it. coffee that is decaf still has a certain percentage of caffeine. You are going to have withdrawal but it will go away soon


Magnesium deficiency can lead too skipped beats and poor sleep.


I had palpitations until I quit regular coffee. The palpitations then disappeared, however I now drink decaf with no palpitations. Good luck!

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Yes to much tea and coffee can give you this affect it does it to me try drinking more water x


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