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Maybe anxiety?

I am new here - My kids (20 and 23) were home from college for three weeks and I came down with a nasty upper respiratory infection (antibiotics, inhaler, cough control meds). They left to go back to school two days ago and the day they left, I started feeling very emotional, anxious, a knot in my stomach, no appetite and a general uneasy feeling. Work is also a bit more stresful lately so that also does not help. Went to the Dr. as a precaution to ensure it was not something else and as I suspected nothing really wrong jus my blood pressure up a bit. I have felt somewhat like this the times they have left since they graduated from high-school, but this time it is very strong feeling and difficult to cope with. Things at 3 days are improving, but I am still going in and out of feeling very anxious. I am keeping very active with my two dogs, talking to the kids, wife and family and friends. Just wondering if maybe the illness and meds have triggered a stronger anxiety. I just finished the antibiotics the day they left.

I am reasonably rational and understand that the feelings of loss as the kids go away are normal. They are doing very well (one getting a BS and one a PhD) and are in a great environment so there is absolutely nothing of concern. They are turning into very responsible adults - I am proud of it. I understand they are not gone, just away doing the things they need to do to be independent but feelings are still there and I am learning to deal with that in a way that does not overwhelm me (particularly this time). Any advice is welcome simple support and encouragement helps.

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I get anxiety too. I understand how you feel. Have you tried breathing exercises ? Youtube has many videos that can guide you


Thank you! I have and it works. I have talked a lot to wife, family and friends. I spent a lot of time with walking with my two dogs. Things are on the upswing. This is always the way it goes. A few days and I am back to "normal." I am seeing my doctor tomorrow. Maybe it is time to ask for something to treat the episodes or just try a long term anxiety remedy. This is going to go on for a while since I visit with the kids several times per year. I guess I can also accept that this is the way it goes and I will be a bit down for a few days after I spend time with them. So aggravating since it is all happy times and should not affect me this way!


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