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Too much stress in my life 😢

Just lately things just seem to be getting worse. I thought I finally had control of my anxiety, I learnt to accept it.

My anxiety is 50% made up of worrying about my parents, my dad has suffered ill health since I was a little girl and I can not imagine my life without him. Just lately he and my mum haven't been getting along, my mum causes a lot of problems between our family and it's very awkward to live with. Because these last few months there have been so many very serious arguments between them both I'm now beginning to feel anxious on a daily basis just because I'm so afraid something will kick off (I've just returned from the bathroom feeling physically sick with worry)

I have also noticed these last few months - don't know if anyone else experiences this but if I have a late night, like tonight - tomorrow I will have a sensation that I can not catch my breath properly. Always after a late night. It's awful.

Sorry for the rant. Feels good though 🐦 xx

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Sounds like panic attacks. Have you tried breathing exercises?


Oh yes it is panic attacks, they're just getting worse instead of better. I have an appointment next week with a therapist. Hoping that will help.

It's just not being able to sleep incase something bad happens. It's really getting me down xx


Poor you I am exactly the same can’t eat Sleep just spend all day and night crying and jittery Dr.changed my tablets yesterday I have been on Prozac for three years no better he has given me Paroxetine 20 mg but the list of side effects has frightened me from taking it any help would be very grateful from anybody that is or has been on this tablet thank you my friends xx


Mines definitely worse at night, and now because I didn't get to sleep until 2am and was awake at 8 I now have a racing heart beat, it feels awful. It's like sleep depravation makes it a million times worse x


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