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Due to constant nausea and lack of food as a result, I suspect I am making my anxiety worse, especially when I see the weight I have lost. For nearly a month now I have had no appetite I have tried to up my force feeding to eating something every two hours

As a result I have little energy, although on my better days I do set myself targets.

What I would like to know is does anyone else find these less busy days worse, with time to brood, or is it better to push on regardless.

At the end of each day I think...... yes I can manage that. However after two major panic attacks, two hours after sleeping and being shocked into wakefulness for the rest of the night, the cold reality of dawn is very different.

How do I handle it please?

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You can try breathing exercises when you feel the panic attacks Coming, YouTube has many videos that can guide you , I too am woken up everynight, but I don't let it take over completely. I put myself to sleep right after waking, I clear my head and close my eyes. About the appetite loss I get this. I get hungry but when the food is in front of me I feel grossed out. I still eat though. But if your loss of appetite is severe try to stay hydrated, drink lots of water and eat lots of fruits and drink ensure so you can get a lot of the nutrients you are missing from that shake and they are tasty as well. When you can eat try to eat as healthy as you can.


Thank you for taking the time to reply with your good advice.


Your welcome. Another thing you can try and it's good for your stomach is decaf green tea


Thank you again It would be so lovely to sleep through the night, without dreading the next day. These dark mornings feel so wrong.


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