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Hi my anxiety is back it was 4 this morning when my son woke me up for bottle of milk and when I returned to bed From nowhere i started feeling this strange fear in my chest it felt like never before like my heart it's going to burst and I was not able to fall asleep felt so scared that I have a heart atack and the more I thought about it the worst became I just jump from bed and start to panic 😔. Is there anyone who has this with their anxiety?

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certainly did. My wife became pregnant after I got laid off and I became a stay at home dad and took care of my infant daughter. Even though my wife and I had 2 other girls, I pretty much worked a lot when they were small and not too much exposure to small babies. We are also older, my wife and I were in our forties and other kids out of the house. I was determined to take care of her for as long as I could because we had a baby prior with trisomy 18, so I thought we were blessed by having a healthy baby. So every night I would wake up to a screaming baby,(as babies do) and even at times our baby had night terrors. I tried to let my wife sleep so she could be well rested for work. She is a nurse in a hospital. Even when my daughter was sleeping quietly, I would wake up in a panic with my heart pounding. I started thinking something was wrong with me which compounded the problem. I initially refused to take meds, but I wish I did, because my nervous system was so hyped up, I would even have my heart skip by looking at the computer and wait for the page to change after clicking on a link.

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