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had enough

I am at a loose end.

after feeling a little better I have gone down hill. for 10 months now i have had weird head sensations. I either feel dizzy, faint, like I'm swaying, woozy, out of it, drunk or like I am watching the world threw a bubble. I don't no how to feel normal. doctors say it's anxiety and I'm not convinst. I just wanna feel me and feel normal!!!! help....

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It's completely normal for us to have been on such a winning streak and then suddenly be hit with new symptoms. My therapist said to think of it this way: People who have trouble with drinking or taking drugs are told to watch out for signs that a relapse is coming. She said, notice when anxiety happens; are you tired, are you hungry, are you sick, are you sad? If we aren't on constant guard of our health, these little buggers can come back to haunt us. It's not a perfect or exact science but I think there's something to it. Also, it helps me to see any "anxiety relapse" this way. I WAS doing so well which means, I can get back there. :) I wish you the best and I know what you mean about wanting to feel "normal". You'll get there. Have you checked in with your doctor by chance? Just to see if it's not something like an inner ear infection? It's possible that this is just anxiety but I'm not a doctor so, I thought I'd suggest a professional. :)


This is almost exactly how I have felt for the last seven months, except I also get other bad pains, mainly chest and left arm pains. I just thought I’d let you know that your not the only one feeling this !, that “watching the world through a bubble” sensation I am all too familiar with and I also know what you mean when you say you don’t know how to feel normal, you feel like you’ve actually lost full control of your body right ? I know I haven’t even managed to get comfortable with my own anxieties, but I can tell you that those sensations you have described I have had them all and learning how to relax your body and not being too tense really helps them sensations get better. Go out and buy yourself some hot chocolate or something and try to spend at least an hour a night trying to put your feet up and relax all of your muscles. I know this may not sound amazing if you would like a quick fix but honestly give it a try ! Helps me 😊


thanks for your reply. I will defo try this!!

do you sometimes feel like you get confused and forgetful ???

hope you also feel better soon x


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