Losing my bank card gave me bad anxiety

So since losing my bank card on Thursday I did manage to get it back it was in the card machine in the bank so that was a relief but did have a huge panic attack and crying fit.

But since then my heart has felt like it was racing and beating irregular and getting a tingling feeling in my chest and muscle twitches I keep trying not to worry and be like it’s nothing but my head automatically thinks blood clot, stroke or heart attack and I can’t get out my head after all the tests I’m fine and it’s just an over active nervous system I keep thinking they have missed something. Trying to stay calm at the minute as my heart feels like it’s racing and I can’t breathe properly and my chest feels tight.

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Kelly, that's the thing about anxiety, problems which can be quickly fixed become massive worries. I'd have reacted in similar mode if it was me, the flash of first fear, the fumbling to find the number to ring to report the lost card. Glad you got it back without too much trouble.

Clearly your heart symptoms are the result of this shock, it's no coincidence, you say you've had all the tests and your heart is fine. Ask your doctor for another opinion if it would reassure you but then accept the verdict of these people who went to medical school for 5 years or you're in danger of trying to cure yourself of an illness you don't have.

I've had two episodes of irregular heart beats this year both related to identifiable stressful occasions but I know it's anxiety and just accept it knowing full well it will soon pass and it does.

Breathlessness is a common anxiety symptom, I get that too, but I have one of those blood oxygen meters and I just put it on my finger and it reads 97% so I think I'm happy with that, not bad for an old 'un and sure enough the breathlessness goes there and then. Till the next time of course. Muscle tingles and twitches in the chest are common too, muscular tension in the chest is a common anxiety symptom too.

Look Kelly, you've got your card back (won't make that mistake again), you've been told your heart is tickety-boo and you know in your heart of hearts this is anxiety. So just accept the symptoms, pay them less attention, don't add second fear to the flash of first fear, do the breathing exercise of breathing in slowly, holding it, then slowly breathing out through the mouth. This releases natural tranquilising hormones that will help you calm down.

You're going to be O.K., these feelings will pass, your heart's in good shape and can take your stressful feelings no problem.

So enjoy seeing the new year in and I hope 2018 is a good year for recovery for you.


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