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Acupuncture advice

Hi everyone,

Almost two weeks ago I decided to go to acupuncture to control my pain + anxiety.

During the apointment I felt fine, however everyday since my appointment I seem to be feeling worse.

First of all I started experiencing heightened anxiety symptoms, where I feel nervous about everything.

Then I started to have aching pain in my left arm and collarbone.

This then subsided but now I am experiencing breastbone pain, and nerve pain on and off in my chest, arms and back.

Has anyone had acupuncture and experienced anuthing like this? I'm a little concerned as I'm starting to lose weight from the pain i'm experiencing.

I'm sorry this is long,

Thank you for your advice in advance.


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Hi R120

From what I know the side effects can be occasionally uncomfortable (haven't experienced any myself), especially for some people that are more sensitive to subtle shifts in their body. The occasional soreness or bruising after an acupuncture appointment is perfectly normal and no need for concern.

If you do worry that your side effects are too painful or long-lasting after treatment, contact your acupuncturist.

The British Acupuncture Council has a website that can answer you concerns.


I had acupuncture once. But I didn't get any side effects. I guess give it another week and consult your doctor if those symptoms persist

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It's quite common for people with anxiety who try a new therapy or medication to blame it for bad side effects when in fact it's really only us monitoring how we feel too closely. We seize on some new symptom real or imagined and put the blame on the new therapy.

Acupuncture has been around for hundreds of years and is accepted by main stream medicine in the West. I have never heard of it making a condition worse.

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