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Tests all clear but no better if not worse

So after all my concerns of MS I saw a Neurologist, had a head, neck & spine MRI & all clear. Neurologist was very positive & said he had no concerns & all my scans were crystal clear. So why do I still feel so bad???? I feel poorly 24 hours a day. Dizzy, off balance, shakes, shaky hand, head feels fuzzy & full & ears feel full, can’t eat, pulse always racing & now have a temp of 37.6!!!!!! Dr took me off my 20mg of Escitalopram & changed me to Setraline 50mg been on it 27 days & to say I feel dreadful is an understatement. Is this anxiety, is it withdrawal symptoms, is it the new tablets or the way I’m thinking something else????? Surely after 4 weeks of tablets changing I shouldn’t feel so bad?????? HELP!!!!!!

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You’re alone I’ve been on sertraline for 4 weeks not feeling any better, was on citalopram before that for six weeks, side effects awful. I’ve also had mri got called again for another mri with contrast. My anxiety through the roof waiting for results. There’s no end to this anxiety x


I know exactly how you feel. I’m sure you’re results will be fine, let me know how you get on. It’s no use in me saying try not to worry because if we could control that we wouldn’t be in this position. Take it easy, I’ll be thinking of you. X

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Thankyou that means a lot , try to have a happy Christmas x

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