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Hi,I've just been diagnosed with anxiety,I think it has been coming on for a couple of years,but about 3 weeks ago my body crashed,l really thought l was on my way out,l felt so ill,l ended up in A&E,they did some blood test for anything serious,all came back fine,as did a load more at the doctors,what I wanted to ask everyone,has anyone had homeopathic medication,or reiki,I'm having this done on Tuesday.looking forward to some feedback thank you

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Just massage, physical therapy, chiro and oils and meditation. That sounds awesome. Keep us posted!


Thank you for your reply,I've had homeopathy but not too sure about it! Last night during the night my anxiety came back it was horrible!this is all fairly new to me! I'm having reiki tomorrow,l have been to the doctors,he gave me some medication,but don't want to take it! We'll see what tomorrow brings

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I've had acupuncture and it definitely helps but you need to go regularly weekly to fortnightly. My friend did reiki and she said it helped her


Thank you for that,I'm having reiki tomorrow so will let you know


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