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Really Suffering

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Today I am experiencing confusion, feeling mixed up, tired, a general uncomfortable feeling and agitated. I feel like when I look around or read today my brain and eyes are making it look or feel weird I keep getting myself into constant panic over it. I’m really upset.

Yesterday I was under some extreme stress due to a conflict with a family member for over 11 hours. Now today I feel so messed up my brain and tongue feel all jumbled up is this normal? I keep trying to distract myself but then panic if I read something wrong etc please reply

2 Replies

Dear Jacknjills,

If I had an altercation with a family member for 11 hours, I would be wacko today.

And that would be normal. I really think that is what happened to you with your anxiety and other issues you have to deal with regularly.

11 hours? How are you still standing up? Would suggest you consider a method to deal with that family member in a different way. Today is going to be a rough day. Really sounds normal to me that it is.

Please don't get too psychological or over analyze how your feeling today. Take today to recuperate and just get yourself matter what your body is doing at the moment.

You have been in an emotional and physical "war". Do all the things you know to relax and calm your body and mind. Today is recuperation, and tomorrow will most likely be better. :)

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Hi HearYou,

Thank You for your lovely reply.

Yes, I got in a bit of a spat with a family member and when she went off to work she didn’t tell me she was upset so decided to not talk to me the entire day whereas usually we talk everyday. I was very concerned calling and messaging with no response. It was a very difficult and stressful thing to have to go through. I went to bed around 11pm last night and slept right through but I’m feeling so weird today and I get the Mouth/Right Arm muscle weakness almost daily which is annoying and always worried me it’s “something more” even though drs have told me its anxiety in the past.

I am trying to find some distractions for myself today just the right mouth muscle feeling is quite bothersome to me and has me checking my face in my camera every few minutes for stroke signs (my biggest fear)

Just would love some peace :)


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