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First Therapy session

So today I have just finished my first session of self help therapy over the telephone. I have some homework of goals to plan and try and achieve. Just small steps rather than leaps but if it helps i’ll try anything..Fist goal is to introduce exercise into my life as low mood and anxiety has drained my body of energy and just feel so lethargic. Can anyone suggest some light form of exercise that can be beneficial to me as I have lower spine problems so can’t do high intensity

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Yes. Walk. I have extensive lower back and neck injuries, and low impact exercise of walking is what I am prescribed. Get good pair of walking shoes, take a cane along in case you feel you need to stop and lean on it to help your pain and to wack any dog that gives you trouble.

If you are in a cold or hot climate, walk in the malls. Many others do that, You are around other people who won't bother you , but you won't feel alone if you need help. And you'll have some window shopping and places to sit when you need. Hope this helps. :)

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Thank you for your reply and advice. Think I’ll get my walking shoes on and go for a light walk tommorow it’s freezing here in the uk atm so I will wrap up warm thanks 😀


The good thing about walking is that you can do it anywhere and anytime. If you want to measure your steps for a whole day a pedometer is really good motivator and cheaper than a Fitbit. ;)

Tip: you will start to lose motivation after 2 weeks or so, this is where determination to keep going kicks in


Try yoga and pilates

And maybe begin with stretching for a week.

Swimming or even walking around the block


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