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How do you deal

I'm curious to what you do before an event like knowing you have to do a long drive the next day and you feel nervous and it translations into feeling anxious the day of. What do you don on a long drive knowing you can't escape? Because I get to feeling anxious and every nerve ending feels like it's alive and how do you deal with it after you've reached your destination?

I know I've posted a similar post but this time I have to drive for an hour and I haven't done that in months. My home is my safe zone and leaving it is scary.

Any advice would help.

Thanks in advanced

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You accept the anxious feeling when driving for the time being and drive anyway. You will feel uncomfortable but accept the discomfort for the moment and go ahead on your drive, everything will be ok, there will be no problems , you will arrive and return safely. But you must agree to co-exist with your nervous feeling and accept it and not keep testing yourself. Don't fight it, fighting only causes more strain and tension, surrender to the bad feelings for the moment and carry on anyway. Don't keep testing in the hope the bad feeling has gone, you recover by accepting it not wishing it away.

You find leaving your home scarey because your nervous system/ brain is trying to protect you in your present state from perceived dangers when leaving your home by making you want to stay home. But this is not helpful making you a prisoner in your own home so say to your nervous system: I know you mean well but it's not necessary for me to spend my life indoors at home, I need to get out so I'm going out and don't try and stop me and if you do try as I know you will, well, I'm going anyway.


Thank you, I will read this again tomorrow and many times more 😊


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