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Anxiety of being alone

I was told when I was young that I should get married and have kids so u wouldn’t b alone and you would have family to look after you when I get old and frail.

Well I’m in my late 30s now not married and no kids.

My anxiety is constantly on my mind and the fact that I will never have kids or ever get married scares me to death.

I know I will die alone with no one around me,that is my reality.

It keeps me awake most nights and I’m sure that’s why I have anxiety and depression.

Life is really really hard. It’s hard to find a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

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Honey dont let it bother you, im 40 no kids and single now and accepted it, im sure my prince will come, there's an a$$ for every seat is what I say and yours will come along also when youre not expecting it. :)

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