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My root cause for anxiety IMO

Im addicted to the materialistic world and everything I do i put in so much emotion to what I do such as if Im able to drive i love it and would not want it removed basically i fear that one day everything will seize to exist and that scares the crap out of me because im super hooked on this materialistic emotional roller coaster sims like world and having it just be GONE one day SUCKS

Another root cause is im stuck in a struggle of FAITH or HOPE like i struggle in faith with a BETTER life after this aka eternal existence being hell or heaven

I fear that if i do good and find out there is no hell thats a waisted by the book following life of a lie.. but if i do the thinga i want which may some what be against the book Called The Bible then i find out there is heaven and hell and I ended up going tochell THAT SUCKS

How does one do good and not worry about wether or not what your following is factual or not.. i constantly am surrounded by a cross of THE BIBLES REAL vs THE BIBLE IS A LIE

I also google too deep into EVERYTHING which is somewhat good but somewhat bad.. for example everything that happens in regards to guns I TRULY BELIEVE is a FALSE FLAG and that its got a whole different story/plot and goal behind the tragedy.. the LAs vegas SHOOTING i DO NOT BELIEVE what the fake news has been broadcasting.. this is all im saying in regards to that..

maybe im a little paranoid because of all the googling I have done when it comes to tragedy like events but id rather be WOKEN then a sheep and drinking the coolaid most people are still drinking..

These are my top two possible root cause of my anxietys if you guys have ideas on how to remove yourself slowly from this materialistic world PLEASE give your ideas! I wanna be able to accept that one day this world or my world to be exact will be NO MORE

I remember someone asking me once do you remember what is was like before you were born think about it and I said i thought about it and I did not remember or know what it was like and they said There you have it Death will be the same way

THAT FREAKS ME OUT you go from having all these emotions and all this money or what ever money you have to having absolutely NOTHING that truly sucks and scares me!

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