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Sleeping Fear

I am home alone each day and today I keep dozing off each time I open my eyes I feel confused a bit like I was thinking of something and totally forgot what it was...I feel very stiff in my arm and my movements even typing I feel like it’s hard to do but I refuse to sleep when nobody is home with me because this is how I feel if I happen to sleep it scares me. Is this from being way over tired that I can’t function?

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Sounds like it might be some anxiety in there. Lately I’ve been afraid to go to sleep because I wake up panicked. Takes awhile of deep breathing, and trying to convince myself that it’s just the anxiety playing tricks with my mind. I’m not in a place where I can exercise upon waking, but I find that when I can go for a jog it helps. I really want a treadmill at home to run on.

Hope you get to feeling better.


Hello, you had a busy weekend and you got to bed late last night. Top that with basic anxiety, and believe that could be causing these feelings. Hope you sleep well tonight and that tomorrow is a better one.


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